Consulting and Investments

Unique Ventures, Respected Partnerships, Private and Confidential Transactions

Established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Caliber Global Technology International, Global Consulting and Investments has a reputation for “street” credibility and integrity. Global creates broader multilateral and bi-lateral dialogue between private managers and investors through intimate group dialogues and structured one-on-ones. In a world that has become increasingly competitive, Global brings together the right mix of people, companies and partners for productive dialogue and profitable ventures.

Global provides an efficient, highly focused approach to venture encounters for initial exploratory dialogue. These interactions also represent an opportunity for limited partners and general partners to exchange ideas and strategies in an open, interactive forum. Our strategy facilitates the business interests and confidentiality of our clients.


Unlike open meetings and mega conference venues or other large business development events, Global hosts and participates in encounters that are limited in size and private. Intimate venues which provide an atmosphere conducive to the formation of quality partnerships that is difficult to find elsewhere. Our strategy ensures privacy and confidentiality.

Global unique position allows for collaborative partnering with clients worldwide who seek our services, and in turn, facilitates reaching out to investors and partners on our behalf in their specific regions.
Potential strategic alliance partners remain anonymous during the vetting process until time of disclosure.


Anthony R. Bocchichio

Anthony R. Bocchichio

President & CEO

Washington, DC U.S.
1 (703) 597-4696 (mobile)

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