• Management Consulting
    Best Practices, Agile Solutions, Successful Outcomes
  • Surveillance, Detection, and Security
    Peace keeping and disaster assessment and response applications
  • Engineering and Information Technology Solutions
    Re-engineering Systems, Business Processes, Safeguarding Compliance Assurance
  • Global Consulting and Investment
    Consulting and Investment

Welcome to CaliberGTI

Caliber Global Technology International
A leader in strategic and management consulting serving clients operating in domestic government and international driven markets

Management Consulting
  • Consulting services on best practices and methodology
  • Broader capability for agile and flexible solutions
  • Efficient and cost effective use of resources
  • Results driven for successful outcomes
Security and Surveillance
  • Applications for Military and Law Enforcement
  • Video Surveillance for Systems, Vehicles and Satellite
  • Real-time Geo-location information monitoring and retrieval for faster response in the field
  • Enhanced Substance detection for Law Enforcement
  • Portable Aerostat Systems for quick deployment in peace keeping and disaster assessment situations
Engineering and Information Technology Solutions
  • Program Management and Subject Matter Experts
  • Engineering Solutions for Telecom and Fiscal Institution Compliance
  • Human Resource Staffing Fulfillment

Our Services

CaliberGTI for successful outcomes on time and within budget. Ensure your business is in compliance with current regulatory policies and procedures. Build Quality Assurance to your business processes essential to business health, stability and integrity. Our approach is an automated and agile process-driven approach eliminating and reducing waste and process defects guarding against fraud and abuse.

CaliberGTI for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, International and Domestic Disaster Response, Asset Investigation and Recovery. Asset Health and Vulnerability Assessments (H/VA) of your current processes and practices. Anticipate, monitor, recognize and eliminate threats. CaliberGTI analyzes your Enterprise-level security strategies against threats allowing you to comply with current regulatory requirements to protect your transactions.


CaliberGTI leadership is committed to the mission of providing ethical and responsible consultation services that support our client’s success

Team Member

Anthony Bocchichio

President and CEO
Virginia and Washington, DC

Team Member

Margaret Bocchichio

Vice President
Government Contracting
Virginia and Washington, DC

Team Member

Jonathan Clay

Vice President
International Economic Development
Project Management
Panama & Latin America

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